Friday, July 14, 2017

Draft Parking Policy of Delhi Govt

Please refer to the advertisement inviting suggestions on draft parking policy for Capital City of Delhi.

At the outset I have serious apprehensions about the enforceability of the Draft Policy being prepared in view of the multiplicity of the authorities and lack of competence with the Department.

It is a matter of record that  the Transport Department of GNCT of Delhi has collected huge amounts every year towards one time parking charges from vehicles being registered every year towards construction/development of parkings in the Capital City that was transferred to Municipal Corporation of Delhi. However, till date we are absolutely clueless about the purpose for which said amount has been spent.

It is also matter of record the permits for Commercial Vehicles are granted on the basis of declaration by  applicant to the effect that the owner has parking space.

However, most of the Municipal parkings are occupied by such Commercial operators, instead of parking at declared space that eats away the parking space created for the visitors.

Apart from this despite Supreme Court Orders in IA No.13029/85 dated 20-11-1997, 10-12-1997 and 16-12-1997, based on affidavits filed by Transport Department, Delhi Police and Municipal Authorities that they would ensure that the extreme left of the road shall be earmarked for Bus Lane and shall not be allowed to be encroached upon.

The fact remains that the Municipal Authorities and Delhi Traffic Police have allowed and auctioned parkings on Bus Lane. Leave alone this, even the Chartered Busses  and tempos can be found parked in Bus Lane at night.

Further, it is also matter of record that both the Delhi Police and Municipal Authorities have failed to rein in the Car Dealers from encroaching upon the service lanes and foot paths all around the city. 

Traffic Police has also granted permits to Taxi Stands allowing parking on Foot Paths. 

Therefore, we have serious apprehensions on the whole exercise that is being done, without enforcing the existing provisions of parking created, while allowing multistoried complexes all around Delhi  that have been sold by the Builders and converted into shops.

First and foremost requirement is to  enforce the existing parking provisions that have been violated with impunity by one and all.

Thereafter the following steps need to be initiated without any delay:-

(a) Stop registration of vehicles till the Tour and Taxi Operators , Stage carriage bus operators and taxi stands shift to the declared space by them while applying for the prermits;

(b) Restore the parking space  that the Builders who have sold the as shops or offices;

(c) Remove the parkings from Bus bays, foot paths and service lanes and roads by the residents who have covered the parking space within buildings and park vehicles on roads

(d) Obtain the details from MCD the details of amount of one time parking charges transferred by Transport Department to MCD;

(e) Put in place a policy that till the time applicant provides certificate of possessing the parking space;

(f) Restrain the commercial entities to use the roads as parking space;

(g) Provide details of  space identified by Transport Department for developing parkings;

(h) Transport Department required about 11000 Buses way back in 2004 and till date it could not possess more than 5000 buses including cluster busses that violate all the laws on the roads. Therefore, please share the plan to achieve and acquire the required number of busses so as t encourage use  of public transport by the citizens;

(i) The Intermediate public transport system has collapsed as the TSR and Taxi drivers refuse to ply by meter and till date despite possessing ;'Khullar Committee Report dating back to 2002 wherein it was admitted that 80% of TSR are owned by Financial Cartel and corrective steps have not been taken at all.

(j) I had submitted detailed presentation on introducing technology driven solutions for enforcing laws instead  of posting Cops to chase the offenders and challan, or by hiding behind trees or poles to nab offenders, which has multiplied the corruption levels. These suggestions have not found favour till date;

(h) Sale of number plate to buyer - there is an urgent need to dispense with fresh registration everytime by owner of vehicle, which is root cause of corruption and the transport department can never have the real data of vehicles. Once a number plate is sold to any buyer. Once he/she sells the vehicle, such vehicle must be remove the vehicle from that plate and should be entered in the number plate owned by the buyer intending to buy the vehicle. This would create real time data of vehicle in the city, that would help in assessing the parking space requirement.

Further, before finalising the policy an opportunity of personal hearing may be granted to me.

In view of  the complexity of the issue and multiplicity of the authorities involved, I am marking copy of this mail to Hon'ble Lt. Governor, Delhi who is head of Delhi Police, DDA and UTTIPEC to look into the issues involved and bring all the authorities under one umbrella.

Anil Sood
Hony President - CHETNA

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