Friday, April 14, 2017

RWAs issues for MCD Election Manifesto

Subject : RWAs issues for MCD Election Manifesto :

Kind Attention :
1. Mr Arvind Kejriwal, CM, Delhi
2. Mr Manish Sisodia, Dy CM, Delhi
3. Mr Manoj Tiwari, President, Delhi BJP
4. Mr Ajay Makan, President, Delhi Congress
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Dear Sir,

In spite of being the residents of the National capital, Delhiites are facing so many problems, such as : Pollution, Traffic jam, Parking, Encroachment, Water logging, Sanitation, Open Dhalav, Potholes, etc.

Through this mail to the Leaders of various political parties, we seek an Assurance in their Election Manifesto, clearly stating, that how soon our problems, as below, will come to an end : 

1. Most Polluted City : It has become, one of the most polluted city of the world.
2. Smoking mountains, Landfill sites : These are contributing to the Air, Water & Soil pollution.
3. Open Dhalav’s in the inner localities : They have become a big nuisance for the residents.
4. Door to Door Garbage collection : It is the very basic need of the hour.
5. Encroachment : It can be seen in any locality with bare eyes, and adds to traffic jam & pollution.
6. Traffic Jam : It has become a common problem for every locality.
7. Illegal parking : It is also the reason of Traffic jams as well as quarrels at various locations.
8. Potholes : These are visible on every single road in the inner localities.
9. Water Logging : The city is converted into a big lake, during every downpour in Monsoon.
10. Sanitation workers strike : Five strikes in two years have truly shattered the residents.
11. Stray Animals : Stray Dogs & Monkeys can be seen in every locality.
12. Funds problem between MCD & Delhi Govt. : It has caused severe damage to the local infrastructure.
13. MCD Corruption : It is the major cause of concern for the residents.
14. Co-ordination : In the Elections at Delhi Govt & MCD levels, any party may win. We are expecting a suitable coordination amongst all those who win and the Hon’ble LG, for suitable implementation of plans for the development of the city.
15. RWA EMPOWERMENT : Last but not the least, we expect the RWA Empowerment as RWAs are the selfless workers & a real backbone of the city.

These are some of the very basic issues that require your immediate attention. We don’t think that any of the above issues require any further detailed description from our side, as all these issues are clearly visible with bare eyes, in almost every locality.

We are now looking for your upcoming manifesto, with a GREAT HOPE.

With best regards,

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front – Federation

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