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Mr Arvind Kejriwal - what happened to the RWAs Empowerment Vision plan ?

10th April, 2017

Mr Arvind Kejriwal, CM, Delhi
Mr Manish Sisodia, Dy CM, Delhi

Dear Sir,

In a meeting with the RWAs of Delhi, before the last assembly elections, you had made huge promises, on the issue of Empowerment of RWAs. Though your RWAs Empowerment Vision plan is still visible on your website, it seems that all the promises that you made with the RWAs of Delhi have vanished. 

Please go through your RWAs Empowerment Vision plan, as visible on your website, as below : 

AAP announces the RWAs empowerment vision plan : 
* AAP unveils its citizens empowerment vision document 
AAP promises RWA Act to give them legal sanctity
* Rs four crore citizen Local Area Development Fund annually for each vidhan sabha
This will be solely for recognized RWAs who follow guidelines
*  No interference of MP/MLA in this fund

The Aam Aadmi Party on Saturday unveiled its citizens empowerment plan at the conference of the Resident Welfare Associations in the national capital.

At a conference attended by the representatives of over 700 RWAs across Delhiformer chief minister and AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal announced the party’s stand of setting up a Citizens Local Area Development Fund after giving a legal sanctity to RWAs by passing a RWA Act in the state assembly.

Kejriwal announced that after being elected by the people in the long overdue assembly elections, the AAP government’s priority will be to empower the RWAs by creating a Citizens Local Area Development Fund in each assembly constituency of Delhi and this fund will be equal to that of the MLA Local Area Development Fund.

He proposed an amount of Rs four crore annually to allow the legally recognized the RWAs  to carry out their local development, repair and welfare works without any external interference, once the RWA Act will come into existence.

The AAP proposes to streamline the functioning of RWAs in consultation with them. Kejriwal proposed the following steps to allow smooth functioning of the RWAs :

1)    There should be only be a single RWA in a locality.
2)    It should be registered.
3)    It should have free and fair elections at regular intervals as per its constitution.
4)   As a part of this exercise, it is proposed that the RWA will have a GBM of all its members on a fixed day and time every month. All important decisions shall be taken in the GBM by the residents. RWA shall be responsible for subsequently implementing those decisions.
5)   The accounts of RWA shall be transparent and available for public inspection. They shall be annually audited and presented to the GBM. There shall be social audit of accounts at regular intervals...........

Kejriwal said the AAP stand was that there should be no scope for any external interference, including that of the MP or MLA, in the works that recognised RWAs can do with public consultation in their respective areas......................

Once you won the elections with an absolute majority, we had high hopes, but not yet heard anything about those big promises made by you. Therefore, now, before the MCD elections, we would like to ask as below :

1. What happened to the RWA Act, giving a legal sanctity to the RWAs by passing it in the state assembly ?

2. What happened to your promises of Empowerment of RWAs ?

3. Instead of streamlining the functioning of RWAs, why your party started neglecting the RWAs and tilted towards the Mohalla Sabha ?

Looking forward for your valued response, with a hope, that you will not force us to believe, that you had made the fake promises with us.

With Best regards,

S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front ( Federation )


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