Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wishing You A Very Happy & GREEN Diwali : B S Vohra

As per a study by the Chicago University, Delhiites are losing up to  9 years of life, due to pollution in Delhi & NCR. Say No To Crackers, Say No To Pollution, Say YES to Life & Prosperity. Don't you think that we must give it a try?  Option is yours.

Wishing you a Very Happy & Green Diwali.

B S Vohra

TOI : Sanitation Strike may make a mess of Diwali

Monday, October 16, 2017

Reply received from the office of our Dearest CM

Dear Sir,
Hon'ble Chief Minister is regularly meeting members of General Public, without prior appointment, at his residence at 6, Flagstaff Road, near Civil Lines, Delhi on every working day from 10-11AM to interact with them. Whenever you wish to meet him, Please reach there by 9.30 a.m. to register for the purpose.
Best wishes,
O.S.D. to CM, Delhi

In response to our Email to Hon'ble CM:
Friday, October 13, 2017

Most Urgent: Striking Sanitation menace of East Delhi

Dear Mr. Arvind Kejriwal,

As informed earlier, today we met EDMC Mayor & she is saying that they have paid the salary up to September 2017, Paying Bonus, Agreed for CashLess & sent for approval, BUT DON'T HAVE Rs. 2000 CRORES TO PAY THE ARREARS. 

Does it mean that residents of East Delhi will have to face this striking Sanitation menace permanently?  Can we meet you to understand your point of view on this very serious issue?

Please revert. With best regards,

B S Vohra,
Social Activist, President,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

Friday, October 13, 2017

Most Urgent: Striking Sanitation menace of East Delhi

Dear Mr. Arvind Kejriwal,

As informed earlier, today we met EDMC Mayor & she is saying that they have paid the salary up to September 2017, Paying Bonus, Agreed for CashLess & sent for approval, BUT DON'T HAVE Rs. 2000 CRORES TO PAY THE ARREARS. 

Does it mean that residents of East Delhi will have to face this striking Sanitation menace permanently?  Can we meet you to understand your point of view on this very serious issue?

Please revert. With best regards,

B S Vohra,
Social Activist, President,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

Thursday, October 12, 2017

EDMC workers go on indefinite strike over non-payment of dues, people suffer

New Delhi [India], October 12 (ANI): The East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) sanitation workers went on an indefinite strike on Thursday over non-payment of dues.

The workers held protests against EDMC Mayor Neema Bhagat, outside her office in Delhi's Geeta Colony.
The protestors shouted slogans against the Delhi Government and the Centre. They also made an effigy of Mayor Bhagat, and took turns to blow kicks at it.
Meanwhile, the strike has caused inconvenience to the public, which complained of heaps of garbage lying at various spots in the city.
"We are facing a lot of problems due to the garbage; cases of Chikungunya and Dengue are on the rise. Workers don't come to clean, and neither drains nor the roads are getting cleaned. There are heaps of garbage at so many spots," Delhi resident Vijay Kumar told ANI.

"The problem has been continuing for two-three years now. There is always a strike for one or the other reason. We completely sympathize with the sanitation workers, but we'll also question our elected government, the mayor, and the MPs. What are they doing while the people are living in such unhygienic conditions?" said another resident, B.S. Vohra. (ANI)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

बस अब और नहीं, पूर्वी दिल्ली का बहुत कचरा हो गया

पूर्वी दिल्ली मे सफाई करंचारियों की एक बार फिर से हड़ताल. सड़कों से कचरा उठना बंद. जगह जगह कचरे के ढेर लगने शुरू. ढलाओं मे भी कचरा भरना शुरू. फिर से वो ही गंद और बदबू का आलम. 

आख़िर चल क्या रहा है? कौन ज़िम्मेदार है इन हड़तालों के लिए, जो कि पिछले कुछ सालों से लगातार होने लगी हैं? क्यों सरकारी एजेन्सीस इन हड़तालों को रोकने मे नाकाम हो रही हैं? क्यों सफाई करंचारियों को उनके पैसे नही मिलते?

क्यों लोगों की तकलीफ़ों का हल नही निकलता? क्यों लोगों को इस कचरा राजनीति के चलते, खुद कचरा होना पड़ता है?  क्यों ये सब कुछ सिर्फ़ पूर्वी दिल्ली मे ही होता है? क्यों हमे इस सड़े बदबूदार कचरे के साथ जीने को मजबूर होना पड़ता है?

किधर हैं हमारे वो नेता, जो चुनावों से पहले तो बड़े बड़े वादे करते हैं, बड़े बड़े दावे करते हैं, और जीतने के बाद, सिर्फ़ दोषारोपण करते हैं? कब तक उनकी नाकामियों की सज़ा लोगों को भुगतनी पड़ेगी?

बस अब और नहीं, बहुत कचरा हो गया. अब इस कचरे को सहना मुश्किल है. अब इस कचरे मे जीना मुश्किल है. अब इस कचरे मे साँस लेना मुश्किल है. अब उन नेताओं को सहना मुश्किल है जो सिर्फ़ कचरा करते हैं.

दोस्तो आवाज़ उठाओ. अपने चुने हुए नेताओं को सोती नींद से जगाओ. उनको बताओ कि हम अभी जिंदा हैं. और जिंदा इंसान कुछ भी बर्दाश्त कर सकता है, लेकिन धोका नहीं, अन्याय नहीं. बस अब और नहीं, पूर्वी दिल्ली का बहुत कचरा हो गया.

B S Vohra
Social Activist, President,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Navrachna Cooperative Group Housing Society

This is to inform you that Navrachna Cooperative Group Housing Society is registered Society. In 1990 due to non visit by Registrar Cooperative Society & DDA representative the Society conducted self draw because the member were poor and can not afford to Pay Rent and Installment. The Registrar Cooperative Society has Cleared only 44 members in 1998 and No reason were given for not clearing the remaining members.. I have filed 5 complaints in PGMS and every time the reply was the policy to regularise is under submission and status of Complaint No 2017171130 dated 14.02.2017 attached another complaint No 2017055100 dated 13.07.2017 filed and reply is shocking that there is no policy to regularise the self draw except 26 notified by Hon LG office  we are waiting for the last 26 years it is great injustice with us Request Hon LG to intervene in the matter and notification to regularise the self Draw of Navrachna Appartment may be issued 

chander Mohan 
Navrachna Appartment 
east Arjun nagar 

Yet another Sanitation Strike in East Delhi ?

Refer to your article on the above subject, East Delhi Residents are fed up with strike just before Diwali. The best solution is:- Provide Dustbin to all RWA,  Privatise the service and hand over the service to competent Agency with strict Terms & Condition including penality clause for non lifting of Garbage in time from Dhalao etc.Enough is Enough.

chander mohan

Yet another Sanitation Strike in East Delhi ?




TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Residents oppose clause in proposed parking policy : The Hindu

The East Delhi Residents’ Welfare Associations Joint Front on Wednesday said it opposed a clause in the proposed parking policy that will charge people for parking their vehicles on roadside outside their houses.
The collective submitted an appeal to the Delhi government’s Transport Department and to the East Delhi Municipal Corporation.
The appeal said that the government can fix as high a charge in commercial hubs, markets, multilevel parking lots and on roadsides, but to charge a fee for parking vehicles outside houses will come as a jolt to the common man.
President of the RWA collective B. S. Vohra said that they will “vehemently oppose” this clause of the new parking policy.

Tax burden

“We are against any parking fee for parking our own vehicles outside our own houses. First the government charges us income tax then we have to pay as much as 28% as GST and other taxes for taking our vehicles out on the road, said Mr. Vohra.
“Apart from this, they charge us road tax and house tax. The government does not want to give us services in return for all the taxes they suck out of us but want to keep charging taxes,” he added.
“Each charge should come with a service in return. Just like if we pay for the parking in designated lots, then it is the operator’s responsibility to keep it safe. So, if we are paying the government for a parking spot outside our houses, will they guarantee that the cars will be kept safe? Will they ensure 100% compensation for each instance of vehicle theft or damage?” Mr. Vohra asked.
He added that the government should also in such case ensure that there are no potholes or waterlogging on roads outside houses where the cars are parked.

‘Explain decision’

Manohar Joshi, a resident of Patparganj and a member of the local RWA, also demanded that the idea behind the implementation of this charge be explained to the people of the city.
“We have asked for an appointment with the special commissioner (transport) regarding charging a fee from residents for using the space outside their own houses. What purpose will it serve? How will it decongest Delhi, and how will it bring down pollution? We just want to understand what purpose does this serve,” he said.
with thanks : The Hindu : LINK

The Hindu : Residents oppose clause in proposed parking policy : B S Vohra

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Will oppose any Parking charges for Parking our Car, in front of our home

We are absolutely against any parking charges on the parking of our own car in front of our own home. First, they charge Income Tax & after that, we have to pay 28% as GST + other Taxes / Charges for taking our vehicle on the Road.  Next is a REGULAR - more than 100% margin on the sale of Petrol & Diesel by way of GST. They have a Tax on the Insurance policies. They charge Road Tax. They charge House Tax. And now they want a Parking charge on our car for parking it in front of our own home. Strange & Shocking. They just want MONEY. More & more money from ordinary people, but they don't have an answer to our problems. They must answer:

Will they provide a Security to our car parked outside our home? Will they assure that our car will no more be lifted/stolen, while parked at our gate? Will they ensure immediate  100% compensation for every such instance? Will they pay us for any damage to the vehicle parked outside our gate? Will they take care of our Car during Monsoon, in case there is waterlogging? Will they check that there are no potholes in front of our home? Will they check that no one else can park his/her vehicle in front of our home? Will they look after all the quarrels we face with outsiders for parking our car in front of our home? NO! They just want MONEY. More & more money from ordinary people. And we become puppets in the hands of those, whom we ourselves vote, elect & give power.

If they don't have an answer to above, we will oppose any such move, in every possible manner. Please go through our objections/suggestions, filed with the concerned authorities in the month of July:


12th July, 2017

Special Commissioner Transport
Room No. 208, Second Floor,
Transport Department, GNCT of Delhi,
5/9 Underhill Road, Delhi-110054.

Dear Sir,

You can decide and Fix any parking charges for the parking of vehicles in the Markets, Commercial places, multilevel parking, to de - congest the roads and to control the pollution.

But you should never allow any Day, and / or Night parking charges from the residents for parking their own vehicles outside their own homes. Please note as below in this regard:

1.  Please note, for every sale of all such vehicles Govt has already earned a huge share in VAT, EXCISE, Registration charges, Road Tax as well the service tax on the insurance policies of these vehicles, and the Income tax from the genuine buyers. They are already earning a lot on the sale of Petrol and Diesel for all these vehicles. Even after the GST regime, they still have a huge share out of the 28% levied on vehicles.

2.  It’s sad and shocking that now Govt is eying the parked vehicles of the residents, outside their own home. They are absolutely wrong in saying that residents are using Free of charge space for parking their own vehicles, outside their own homes.

3.  When the colonies were developed years ago, prices of plots were decided on the basis of the size of inner roads in that area. The posh localities had wide inner lanes and therefore cost of plots was on the higher side. The middle / upper middle colonies had a bit smaller roads and therefore cost of plots was lesser than the posh localities. Whereas, the lower colonies had narrow lanes, and hence the cost of plots was also on the lower side.

4.  Now after 40 – 50 years, if Govt says that these colonies are using the public land Free of cost, THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG, as we have already paid the price of such inner lanes via the purchase price of our residential plots. Do you think that developers of these colonies were that much fool to offer inner lanes free of cost, causing huge losses.

5.  Moreover, there is no traffic in the inner lanes, except in the commercial areas, and no one is degrading the pedestrian environment in any way. Instead, it’s the policies of the Governments that degrade everything to levy a charge later on.

6.  Sometime Emergency vehicles face some problem while entering the inner lane, and it must be given a serious thought that how Govt can purchase such emergency vehicles that can easily enter the narrow inner lanes. But how do they think that by charging the parking charges, way for the emergency vehicles will be opened automatically ?

7.  Instead of restricting the sale of new vehicles in Delhi, Govt is now eying to earn more by way of HUGE PARKING Charges on all the vehicles parked by residents, outside their home.

8. The problem has erupted as  Govt has not formed any  vehicular policy for the sale and purchase of Vehicles. Everyone is free to buy any number of vehicles as Govt is GETTING HUGE SUMS BY WAY OF VAT, EXCISE, ROAD TAX,  SERVICE TAX and, GST NOW of 28% and that too after paying Income Tax. Why don’t they attach the vehicles with the Pan Card to check and control the sales of vehicles ?

9.  A typical vehicle stays parked 95 per cent of the time. A 2006 study by the Central Road Research Institute in New Delhi estimate that of the 8,760 hours in a year, an average car’s steering time is only 400 hours. This means it is driven for only about an hour a day. In Delhi this may be 3 to 4 hours a day. It clearly means that while parked at home, these vehicles for the 95% of time are not contributing to any Congestion or pollution.

Therefore, Govt must concentrate on the 5% time of these vehicles while they are either congesting the roads or polluting the environment and hence must levy hefty charges and penalties so that residents are forced to leave them in the parking itself.

It will automatically discourage the sale of new vehicles, though Govt may be against this policy as it will impact its own kitty. 

Therefore we are absolutely against the imposition of any parking charges from the residents, for the parked vehicles outside their home as it will lead to unnecessary harassment and chaos.

Thanks & with best regards,

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Monday, October 2, 2017

May we ask the CAG, on the state of affairs of Delhi Metro?

There are so many questions to be asked from Delhi Metro on the 2nd Tariff hike in less than 6 months, but don't know how, CAG had no question or no comment on the Financial accounts of Delhi Metro ?

Does it mean that the Accounts of Delhi Metro - A Joint Venture between the Central Govt & Delhi Govt are not being Audited by CAGIf yes, how & why the Accounts of a Public Ltd. company are not being Audited by CAG? 

Does it mean that the persons working at Delhi Metro are so perfect, that there is no chance of any human error, mistake or fraud in its books of Accounts & that's why CAG has given it a Clean Chit, vide above letter?

May we ask the CAG if they had viewed the Profit Before Tax figures as well Profit After Tax figures of the last 10 years of Delhi Metro? A simple glance on the figures will automatically generate a dozen questions in mind, on the state of affairs of Delhi Metro.

May we ask the CAG that how the projected expenditure of Delhi Metro has increased by 74% in the past one year, i.e. from Rs 1795 CR in 2016-17 to Rs 3127 CR in 2017-18?

May we ask the CAG that how there is a steep hike in the Operating Expenses of Delhi Metro? How the consultancy & Professional charges increased from 3.09 Lakh to 1,851.58 Lakh? How they could not recover 3,509.91 Lakh from Trade receivables, for which the Bad debts provision is provided?

May we ask the CAG that what was the impact of the First hike of the Tariffs, 6 months ago, on the so called net loss of Rs 378 CR of Delhi Metro?

May we ask the CAG that what was the need to double the tariff in a span of just six months, while the energy costs, staff costs, repair & maintenance costs have risen gradually in a span of 9 years since 2009. Similarly, the ridership also increased gradually, covering all such costs. 

Last but not the least, may we ask the CAG, that how much Service Tax / GST is being charged on the services being provided by Delhi Metro?

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Happy Dussehra !


Is there any statement, any comment, from any of the Leaders of Delhi, on this very serious issue ? 

Delhiites are losing up to 9 years of their life, due to worsening pollution in the City, and we are still awaiting a comment / statement from our leaders.

With best regards,

B S Vohra
Social Activist, President,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation