Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Pollution related - If they don't do anything, can we remain the silent spectators?

Yeah, that's the CRUX. They have everything on the table, but they are not willing to do anything. Vehicular emissions & the encroachment increasing day by day, causing severe traffic jam all over, causing pollution & the main source of NO2, SO2, Benzene as well as the PM 2.5, but none there to come forward to control it.

WHO says, that over 30,000 persons are killed every year in Delhi & NCR due to pollution. Chicago University says that the residents of Delhi & NCR are losing up to 6 to 9 years of their life due to Pollution.CSE says that every 3rd child in Delhi has the Lungs problem. UNICEF says that pollution is having a very bad impact on the brains of our children. 

We are shouting but on the Social media, WhatsApp and no more. 

My QUESTION is, if they don't come forward or if they don't do anything, can we remain the silent spectators?

B S Vohra,
Environment Activist,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

Pollution related !

Dear Vohra Ji,

All the views /suggestions are already with the Govt. They are not interested in doing anything.

Citizens are happy showing their annoyance on Social Media and then relax in their cozy homes.

Unless we come out on DHARNA, nothing will move. 

Thanks & regards

Col Shivraj
National Convenor
Poster Mukt Bharat Abhiyan

Pollution related !

RWA Bhagidari:

Thank you so much for your mail seeking suggestions from the public on preventing POLLUTION  (implied in air, water, and eatables.) 

In my humble opinion, the subject of this entire spectrum has been eloquently covered and projected in the print news and electronic media from time to time with greater emphasis in the last few months.

Technical reports after due research issued by hi-tech labs, institutions,  research scholars, and doctors have been published and debated throughout the country; rather this has become an international malady with grave dimensions.  In addition, foreign countermeasures researched in other countries could be adopted wherever applicable.

With all the authoritative research done and solutions presented, why is the Government still at the crossroads, dilly-dallying in slow gait and playing with the lives of citizens?  Do we still need to keep on chatting with the public indefinitely?  The common man is not an authority on such a hi-tech subject and one cannot get any further suggestions bettering those already on the table and in the Government domain.

On the contrary, it would be worthwhile to ask the public at large as HOW TO MAKE THE GOVERNMENT START BATTING IN THE FIELD.

Sorry for the blunt reply.  Cannot help it.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Pollution related !

Dear Mr Vohra Ji,

All are highlighting the problem of 'pollution in the capital, but few could give concrete and feasible suggestions! Notwithstanding, we could consider taking a long and short-term pragmatic plan to be executed religiously without fear or favour! Any step taken will affect some persons or the other! We cannot act like China with a heavy hand where industries were shut, all educational institutions were closed and even offices were closed and the staff was asked to work from their respective homes! 

Can we do it in a democratic set up like ours? A BIG NO! We could consider stopping all construction activities, pollution-emitting industries, educational institutions could be closed for a limited period and make sincere efforts to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads by various means and not by odd and even way, which is abused and rich people could continue to ply their cars as they could possess both odd and even nos. of vehicles! We could restrict the number of staff cars on the roads by clubbing means, improve the number of buses on the roads, increase the frequency, while maintaining the punctuality of local trains, besides the Metro services. 

Unless we are trained to be disciplined and abide by our rules and regulations we cannot succeed! Can it work in the capital, as everyone is a VVIP is over here to abuse the system and cast aside directions given through media etc. Unless and until stringent measures are taken and implemented ruthlessly, without fear or favour, VIP or not, we can never succeed in this sphere, except giving 'masala' to the media to highlight every year to fill up their space!

With regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Pollution related !

sir, one person capture road by way of illegal for using tea stall ( near C-8 Mother Dairy)  this fellow contentiously burning of some plastic & other kachra for heating, from this  burning  pollution create problem around whole area, every time we call him to stop burning but still he say every time i feel shivering from cold thatswhy i am burn leafs and other material for burning, sir one MCD employ also help him,  he and MCD employ said Dekh lenge hamara koi kuch nahi kar sakta aap kuch nahi kar sakte, sir pls take necessary action as earliest. from Ravinder Kumar Sufrer.

As Received. Not moderated. No contact details.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

RWAs - Share your Suggestions to knock the doors of the Authorities, on the sad state of Pollution in Delhi !

WHO says, that over 30,000 persons are killed every year in Delhi & NCR due to pollution. Chicago University says that the residents of Delhi & NCR are losing up to 6 to 9 years of their life due to Pollution. CSE says that every 3rd child in Delhi has the Lungs problem. UNICEF says that pollution is having a very bad impact on the brains of our children. 

Do you think that we, the residents of Delhi, the RWAs of Delhi, can remain silent on this very serious issue?

Our leaders are in deep sleep, that ends only after 5 years and we have to jolt them to come out of their dreams.

RWAs - Share your suggestions, to curb the pollution from Delhi. It will help you to save your elders, your children as well as to save yourself from the clutches of Pollution.

RWAsCome on - Mail us your most valued suggestions. Our Email id is: rwabhagidari@yahoo.in

We will take all of your suggestions to the concerned departments. Please share your contact details too, so that, if required, we will give you a call to Join us. Every single Delhiite must raise his/her voice on this very serious issue. Please Email us now. 

RWAs - Wake up now, before it's too late. We just can't be the silent spectators when it is a matter of the Life & Death of every single Delhiite.

Awaiting your most valued suggestions & please be prepared to knock the doors of your Elected representatives as a collective team, once we start knocking the doors of the Authorities.

B S Vohra
Environment Activist
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation
CEO - RWABhagidari Network

#pics used with thanks to all for a Social cause & under Citizen responsibility.

Friday, December 8, 2017

DERC orders sale of Surplus Power via open tenders: Dainik Bhaskar

Success & achievement of the Power Activists & RWAs of Delhi. DERC ordered the DISCOMs to sell Surplus Power via Open Tenders. Hope it will bring transparency into such transactions that were hidden until now. Please read the news uploaded via DAINIK BHASKAR.

But even this order of DERC requires amendments. Will share the details soon.

B S Vohra
Power Activist

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Roof Top Solar Panels with 30% Subsidy from Government & Net Metering facility

Roof Top Solar Panels 
to save the Electricity bills, 
with 30% Subsidy 
from Government and the 
Net metering facility. 
For more details, 
please Whatsapp now on 
Delhi Mobile number 9999559105

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DDPDP Act 2007 : Public Notice by 3 MCDs : Be a part of this CLEANATHON

Dear Friends,

MCDs have taken the initiative to make Poster Mukt DelhiA Public Notice is enclosed.

Please make use of this opportunity and get your areas cleaned up of DEFACEMENT.

Following actions are recommended.

​1. Please liaise with your Sanitary Inspectors and help them to remove all Posters.
2. Liaise with your Zonal DCs to remove the illegal Hoardings etc.
3. Please ring up the owners of the Posters / Hoardings etc and apprise them of this Public Notice so that they can remove their Defacement.
4. After 21 December 2017, if you still find any Defacement, please take a photo and send it to SWACHHTA APP of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.​



Col Shivraj
National Convenor
Poster Mukt Bharat Abhiyan

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Super Moon 2017 from California - The brightest one

Pics with thanks to HPuri

Heaters to the Chowkidars - Atul Goyal

The recent advertisement of providing heaters to security guards of the colony by RWAs does not match the feasibility and availability of resources at the RWA level. It looks like the order is without any consultation with the RWAs, at least URJA as the apex body of RWA is not aware of any such discussion by EPCA.

Though, we are holding Delhi Clean Air Forum Zonal meetings which are very well to the knowledge of EPCA, DPCC, CPCB and many other such agencies that are working on GRAP.

It looks the order is passed keeping in mind the services of security guards that sits outside the gates of those who are instrumental in passing the order. This in no way matches the ground realities of the city.

The simple points raised are as follows:

RWAs don't have electric meters and connections in each lane of the colony to do so. Even if they want to work on the directive it will need an additional electric load of minimum 5kw to 10 kW power connections.

who will bear the cost of the equipment and electricity used?

A security Guard is meant to be on the beat and on rounds. He is not meant to be contained in the guard hut with heating equipment or seated around a bonfire. That would defeat the purpose of professional guarding

In the past too, lack of proper winter wear and low wages for poor guards, has resulted in less than optimal functioning.

The security guard is an adjunct to policing as they take off a part of the workload from an already beleaguered police force suffering from the shortage of personnel. 

It will be better if EPCA considers ordering:

1. That the RWA & Guarding Agencies employed by them provide proper guarding equipment such as batons, shoes, adequate jackets and gloves and other warm clothing to guards so that they can act as guards and do their rounds without being huddled next to a fire or heater. 
2. Leaves and twigs that are accumulated in colony parks which are neither composted nor removed in time.  An order to the Municipal corporations to provide shredders or do composting or carrying away of this material.
3. Provide assistance to the RWA by way of equipment & clear municipal orders and active participation of the horticulture staff. 

Atul Goyal, President, URJA

Heaters to the Chowkidars - B S Vohra

RWAs are required to provide Heaters to the Chowkidars and the COMPLIANCE of the RWAs has been ordered. 

No doubt, it's our responsibility too, to check & curb the Pollution, though we have no power in our hand as none of the Governments have ever empowered us in any way. But the truth is that the real problem lies somewhere else:

1. There is no check on the rising number of vehicles in Delhi. Over a crore of vehicles already on the road, with Lakhs being added every year causing severe vehicular emissions, contributing significantly to the pollution in the city, as well as to the kitty of the Authorities. 

2. There is massive encroachment everywhere on the Roads, that causes severe Traffic jams, again causing severe pollution all over the city. 

3. Various Land Fill sites of Delhi always keep on smoking & catching fire due to methane gas inside, without any check & control from the concerned agencies.

4. Parali is burnt in Haryana & Punjab, contributing significantly to the pollution levels of Delhi, while Elected Leaders are unable to break the ice among themselves, even on this very serious issue. 

5. The West Asian winds bring the Dust n Storm, causing severe pollution & Smog in Delhi, while the concerned authorities are not even able to clean the city properly. 

6. WHO says that over 30,000 persons are killed every year in Delhi & NCR, due to the pollution or in our opinion, due to the non-action of the Authorities. 

7. There is none to listen to the Chicago University Study, that says, that the residents of Delhi & NCR are losing up to 6 to 9 years of their life, just due to the pollution. 

8. RWAs are not empowered to do anything, and those empowered, don't try to do anything. 

9. RWAs don't have the funds and in most of the cases, RWAs are unable to collect the required money to pay to the Chowkidars, in the absence of any empowerment. 

So in the present context, if your RWA has the funds, please follow the instructions of the concerned authorities. 

In the absence of the required Funds, the only other option RWAs have, is to remove all the Chowkidars from their duties as it's the duty of the Government to provide us Security as well as the clean environment. 

Thanks, & with best regards,

B S Vohra
Environment Activist - with a request to all the RWAs of Delhi, to check any burning of Garbage, Leaves, Wood, Biomass, Coal etc. in their localities as well to provide your old warm clothes to those in need, to combat pollution. EPCA is doing a great Job after the implementation of GRAP and we must prove that we are also the responsible RWAs of this city, without any empowerment.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Heaters to Chowkidars - Rajiv Kakria

DPCC’s Bizarre Diktat ....... RWAs should provide Heaters for all the Guards on Night Duty

Strange is the thinking and working of our Government Departments when it suits them they issue Bizarre Diktats to RWA’s ....... What Statutory Powers has Govt given to RWAs, that Govt agencies come up with such diktats ?????  When it comes to giving Recognition to RWA’s, the Government is Evasive and Reluctant. RWA’s cannot mandatorily collect Membership Subscription or censure a Department for dereliction of Duty and so much is expected of them.

The idea was proposed by Mr. Bhurelal of EPCA, yes the same gentleman who proposed raising Parking Fees to Rs. 80/- per hour and the imposition of ODD/Even ...... Punishing Delhites for Pollution spread due to the Neighbouring States Burning Stubble and the Desert Storm in the Gulf.

In a recent proposal for Controlling Pollution, DPCC has issued a Public Notice for RWAs to provide Electric Heaters to Colony Guards. RWA’s are not heartless and have provided proper Winter Uniforms and made arrangements for making tea, so the Guards stay alert. The idea is impractical, both financially and logistically, as each Block or Colony employs 5 – 10 Guards.

The Question is, why RWA’s should take on the extra burden, as it is, they are doing their bit with meager resources. It is not the job of RWAs to provide security, it’s the Police that has to ensure Security. The Guards are allocated beats, are not stationary in one spot and supposed to be moving. Some guards are stationed at the gates, they too need to stay alert,  the comfort of a heater will lull them into sleep and frequent gasht (beat) will be detrimental to their health. 

If pollution is the Govts concern and is serious about it, then all the arms of Govt should perform their respective duties...  THEN THERE SHALL BE NO NEED FOR SUCH SILLY PUBLIC NOTICES. And pray, who shall foot the Power Bills and who in DPCC would conduct Night Vigils to check small fires being lit by Labour at construction sites and the Homeless to stay warm ?????

Warm Regards,
Rajiv Kakria

Heaters to Chokidars - Col. Shivraj

Dear Shri Chairman Ji,

Please refer to the Public Notice to the RWAs. (copy attached for ready reference).

The directions given to the RWAs to provide heaters to the Guards is not tenable. Who will provide the electric connection, heater, payment of bills and other logistics? RWAs cannot handle this.

There are separate Laws for burning the Garbage etc. Authorities must ensure their implementation.

Request that this Public Notice be canceled.

Thanks & regards

Col Shivraj
National Convenor
Poster Mukt Bharat Abhiyan

Thursday, November 30, 2017

RWAs: Do you have any interest in the Micro ATM for your society?

Greetings from Oxigen Services !

It was a pleasure talking to you. As discussed during our telephonic conversation, Oxigen is keen in associating with RWAs of Delhi / NCR to introduce several solutions for Resident Welfare Associations through our flagship product i.e. Micro ATM machines. 

Our micro ATM machines offer a gamut of services, which can be used to cater to the following needs of an RWA resident:

  1. Maintenance Bill Payments
  2. Society Bill Payments
  3. Utility Bill Payments
  4. Recharges
  5. Money Transfer Needs
  6. Wallet Loading 
  7. Cash Deposit/Withdrawal
    *and much more

Through these services, we envision to strengthen the role of RWAs and make Society Offices a one stop solution for multiple payment needs of a resident. 

Sharing a detailed presentation of our Micro ATM in the attachment to this mail. Please find the same

We eagerly look forward to your response and for an opportunity to discuss this product in greater detail with you. 

Thanks and Regards
Atul Krishnan
Assistant  Manager- Business Development

RWAs: If you have any interest in the MICRO ATM for your Societies, please feel free to mail us & it will be forwarded to the concerned Oxigen Team.  Our Email id is  rwabhagidari@yahoo.in 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

WHO says - 1 in 10 medical products in developing countries is substandard or falsified. WHO urges governments to take action.

An estimated 1 in 10 medical products circulating in low- and middle-income countries is either substandard or falsified, according to new research from the World Health Organization (WHO). 

This means that people are taking medicines that fail to treat or prevent disease. Not only is this a waste of money for individuals and health systems that purchase these products, but substandard or falsified medical products can cause serious illness or even death.

“Substandard and falsified medicines particularly affect the most vulnerable communities,” says Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “Imagine a mother who gives up food or other basic needs to pay for her child’s treatment, unaware that the medicines are substandard or falsified, and then that treatment causes her child to die.  This is unacceptable.  Countries have agreed on measures at the global level – it is time to translate them into tangible action.”

Source: WHO

Monday, November 27, 2017

But how this water can be saved from leakages as well as thefts?

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, CM, Delhi

Subject: Water Audit of Delhi Jal Board

Dear Sir,

Please refer the news published in various newspapers, a few days ago:  Delhi has an installed capacity for the supply of 903 million gallons a day, and while there are no definitive figures for water loss during transmission and distribution, it is estimated to be a bit over 45%. The CM sees this as a major concern in the water situation. After taking over as chairman of DJB in September, Kejriwal realized to his shock that a massive amount of water was lost due to leakage, theft and other reasons. 

Sir, Since last many years, we are regularly shouting over the issue but shockingly no one ever cared to look into it seriously.  Thanks for accepting that a massive amount of potable water, is going directly into the drains by way of leakages & into the pockets of many, by way of thefts.

This is truly a very serious issue as out of the installed capacity of DJB, almost 50% of potable water is wasted and it results in the massive shortage of water during summers. 

Water Audit is a very good concept and by using Flow Meters, we will be able to understand that in reality how much water is being wasted.  But the cause of very serious concern is that, how this water can be saved from leakages as well as thefts. 

Sir, as you have come to know about this very serious issue, do you have any plans to develop some mechanism to save this Life Saving potable drinking water, as it will help in serving the masses with sufficient quantity of water during summers?

Sir, Even DJB slogan says very clearly - SAVE WATER SAVE LIFE!

Can we meet you in this regard? 

With best regards,

B S Vohra
President, East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation