Friday, August 29, 2014

RWAs Directory is being revised !

RWAs Directory is being revised now. It will take some time as NCR areas will also be added in it. Plz feel free to mail us your Fresh Listings with Name of RWA, Regn. Number, Address, Name of Office bearers, Contact numbers, E Mail ID, Website if any, at the earliest possible. Plz write YOUR LOCATION in the Subject section of the E Mail. Plz expedite. Please share the message with your friendly RWAs, where probably, we could not reach so far. Please log on to : 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Few months ago : Electricity wires burnt like hot coal in Krishna nagar !

Fire in the Electric Poll in Krishna nagar.

Photo: कृष्णा नगर बिजली के खम्बे मे आग लगी 1घंटे तक bses  के द्वारा कोई करवाई नहीं हुई आग भी जनता के द्वारा बुझाई गई

Fire in the Electric Poll in Krishna nagar. It was burning like a hot cake. But BSES office that is just at the walking distance could not smell it. Just a day before, in the BSES meeting it was informed by some of the members that such cases of Fire on the Polls as well in the meters have become common now a days. If such instances are occurring due to the deficiency in the equipment or services of the BSES, why the general public should suffer. Pic with thanks from Jugal bhai.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

With Punya Parsun Bajpai ji

Why do we need JUDGES

Dear All,

Further to my mail yesterday, Why do we need JUDGES ..... A COMPUTER WILL DO JUST AS WELL .... Giving Dates and Strictly Following Procedures ...... I have been getting a gr8 response ....... 

I knew what I was getting into and am not disappointed .....  INDIAN LEGAL SYSTEM IS DESIGNED TO MAKE THE INNOCENT SUFFER ....... while giving a loooooog leash to the Criminals both Hardened and White Collared.

Pundits of our Legal System pat themselves on their back and Haughtily proclaim the Legal Maxim ..... "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer" ...... and what is the situation today ....... THOUSANDS OF CRIMINALS HAVE MASTERED THE ART EVADING LAW IN CONNIVANCE WITH UNSCRUPULOUS LAWYERS AND INDULGENT JUDGES ........ millions of innocents stay incarcerated in jails due the JOKE CALLED THE LEGAL MAXIM.

Imagine the plight of the 10 odd Tamil Nadu's poor people who have been coming to Delhi for the past eight years only to record their statement but have to go back because of a few who do not turn up.

NOW, I HAVE A SOLUTION ...... if someone does not turn up or jumps bail, the trial should carry on 'in absentia' and statements of others recorded.

Why should the innocent suffer because of willful absence of a few avoiding the Law and preventing Justice being delivered ..... IN MY EXPERIENCE, A PERSON SEEKING JUSTICE APPEARS IN COURT EVEN FROM DEATH BED ......WHILE THOSE EVADING LAW ARE GIVEN ADJOURNMENTS ON THE SLIGHTEST PRETEXT.

In the present case Mr. Mehta, two of my friends and myself all professionals of some worth turned up to record our statement and could not do so because a Wasted Drug Addict got bail and since then neither he nor his Surety provider are traceable ...... and this could go on who knows for 8 years ......

In the mean time Nitin stays in jail and Ganesh keeps shelling out money on Unscrupulous Lawyers ....... WILL SOMEONE WHO KNOWS LAW SHED SOME LIGHT  ....... why cannot the Trial Proceed and let the Absconder suffer ..... this in no way is miscarriage of justice ....... WHAT SAY.


Rajiv Kakria

What are the rules every dog owner should follow?

  • The number one way to communicate to a dog that you are his pack leader is to take him/her for a Pack walk daily, where the dog is made to heel beside or behind the human who is holding the lead. This is most important for all dogs, as in a dog’s mind, the leader always leads the way.
  • A dog must not be allowed to sniff or eliminate anywhere he wishes, but only where you allow him.
  • The dog should be concentrating on following the human.
  • All humans must eat before the dogs.
  • No table scraps should be fed to the dog during a meal.
  • Feedings must be at a scheduled time.
  • Humans must not let the dog go through any doorway first.
  • When you have left the house or the room, even for a minute and come back, ignore the dog for a few minutes.
  • A simple obedience command should be given before any pleasurable interaction with the dog. A child in the house should give the commands at least once a day and reward the dog with a treat when the command is followed.
  • You should not lie on the floor to watch TV when the dog is around, as a human should never put himself in an equal or lesser height position than the dog.
  • You are the first one who greets newcomers; the dog is the last that gets attention.
  • If a dog is lying in your path, do not walk around the dog, either make the dog move or step over the dog.
  • If you establish eye contact with the dog, the dog must avert his gaze first. Tell the children not to have staring contest with the dog.
  • Dogs must not sleep in your bed.
  • Games of fetch or play with toys must be started and ended by the human.
  • Dog should not be allowed to lie on your furniture.
  • No tug–of–war, as this is a game of power and you may lose the game giving the dog reinforcement (in the dog’s mind) of top dog.
  • Dogs need to be taught ‘drop it’ or ‘release’ command.
  • Dogs should not be allowed to pull on the leash.
  • When you put the food dish down, the dog must wait until you give the "OK" to eat it.
  • Small dogs or puppies who demand to be picked up or put down should not get what they want until they sit or do another acceptable quiet behavior.
  • Dogs should never be left unsupervised with children or anyone who cannot maintain leadership over the dog.
  • Last but certainly not least... avoid emotions, when you are around your dog. Your dog can sense these emotions and will see you as weak


Vinay Kapoor

This Menace of encroachment will not end

Till such time, the civic authorities, which are completely irresponsible today, become responsible, this Menace of encroachment will not end. In Ward no. 109, South Delhi Mun. Corp. when this association reported illegal construction in the block, a junior engineer in connivance with other authorities, damaged other legal constructions in the block. When reported, the junior engineer was transferred, but no action.

Similarly, The foot path, in B3 Block of Janakpuri, on Dharam Marg, has completely been encroached at the cost of pedestrians. There is no authority including elected members to take care of the problem. 

Please try bring this to the notice of concerned authorities.

S.K. Chandan
RWA Janakpuri.

Encroachers galore but inaction by Govt.

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

The caption should be " Encroachers galore but inaction by Govt." Govt. officials - Police, MCD, DJB etc. close their eyes while such things proliferate but open their eyes to take bribes for all this and more! I wonder how could you eliminate corruption from this country. Unfortunately all such departments are corrupt but nobody is hanged in public. Added the poor quality of their performance is also not caught and punished! Where from we could justice for all? 

If all encroachments are removed from all places, the mobility of vehicles, pedestrians etc. could be smoothened and further 'parking problem' too could be solved to a large extent! But who cares and who will bell the cat? It has to come from the top - now from our hon'ble LG - to eradicate and eliminate this evil growing in abundance!

Yet an another open corruption fertile filed is in the sphere of building activity going and growing enormously and wherefrom they get water for such activity except tapping the 'ground water' which is prohibited by law! But is it not going on unlimited in every colony! How is it being allowed except by paying 'money' to the concerned govt. officials perhaps shared from the top to bottom! Is it not a daylight robbery under the very nose of the Administration? Who could question all this and more. God continue to bless the country and its folk to thrive and become fatty - physically and financially!

With best regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

RWAs Directory being revised !

RWAs Directory is being revised now. It will take some time as NCR areas will also be added in it. Plz feel free to mail us your Fresh Listings with Name of RWA, Regn. Number, Address, Name of Office bearers, Contact numbers, E Mail ID, Website if any, at the earliest possible. Plz write YOUR LOCATION in the Subject section of the E Mail. Plz expedite. 

Please share the message with your friendly RWAs, where probably, we could not reach so far. Please log on to : 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Achievements of RWABhagidari Blog & Web Portal !

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

Heartiest congratulations and rich compliments on the landmark achievement! It is astounding and incomparable in such a short time. Of course, you always rise all relevant and current issues affecting the 'aam aadmi' in the real sense of the term and give and do much more!! 

This selfless service, sparing your valuable time for a common cause is commendable and praiseworthy!!!

We pray to the Almighty to give you and your blog a very long life to continue to serve the common men/women and of course the younger generation too who always to be inspired to aspire and achieve their goals for which they have to strive hard all the time endlessly!

With our deep regards and best wishes,

TK Balu/Anand Vihar

Sunday, August 17, 2014

RWABhagidari web portal crossed 11 Lakh Hits !

Pleased to inform that our RWABhagidari Web Portal has crossed Eleven Lakh Hits. It means that over 11 lakh times our pages have been viewed by someone. The portal has viewers from almost every part of the world, where ever we have our Indian Population. Please log on to to be a part of our RWA movement.

Even our RWABhagidari Blog has crossed 3 Lakh Visitors. It means that over 3 lakh persons have visited our Blog. The Blog also has a very wide reach & it has attracted visitors from almost every part of the world. The blog now has almost 2000 Subscribers from various RWAs of Delhi & NCR. Please log on to to share your issues. Even you can subscribe it anytime, as the subscription is absolutely FREE.

We have attracted the worldwide viewership of our Indian community, which is indeed an achievement for us, as we are not offering, what the masses are looking for, instead we are just raising the issues, which are generally of no interest to the majority of population. 

Both of our RWABhagidari Blog & RWABhagidari Web Portal are visible in the Top 10 Rankings on various search engines. Thanks for your most valued support.

With best regards,

B S Vohra

Ozone levels Bad News : Hindustan Times

FOB's News earlier on Hindustan Times

Traffic Jams a routine in East Delhi

Saturday, August 16, 2014

With Dr Harshvardhan, earlier at our home !

Election campaigns by East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

With Rt CAG Sh Vinod Rai

With Sr Journalist : Nalini Singh

With Dr Pranoy Roy : NDTV

Mobile Tower Radiation checked by East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Mobile Tower Radiation checked by East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

Meri Delhi Meri Shaan : Traffic Jam : B S Vohra

Meri Delhi Meri Shaan : Pic clicked in Delhi : B S Vohra

My Colony : Hindustan Times Live East

Meri Delhi Meri Shaan : Pic clicked in Delhi : B S Vohra

My Colony : Hindustan Times Live East

My Colony : Hindustan Times Live East

Comments awaited on Pollution levels in Delhi : Hindustan Times

Comments awaited on Pollution levels in Delhi : Hindustan Times

Comments awaited on Pollution levels in Delhi : Hindustan Times

Comments awaited on Pollution levels in Delhi : Hindustan Times

Comments awaited on forests disappeared in Delhi : Hindustan Times

No DJB Audit by CAG : Delhi AAJTAK : B S Vohra

For years, no external audit of DJB's accounts : Hindustan Times : B S Vohra

Our RTI revealed a shocking news that no CAG Audit of Delhi Jal Board was being done. Please go through the detailed news covered by Hindustan Times. Thanks. B S Vohra

RTI reveals consistent dip in water production at city's treatment plants : Hindustan Times : B S Vohra

This was my second RTI on the production of Drinking water in Delhi by the Delhi Jal Board and the shocking truth was that there was a consistent dip in the water production in the last 10 years, whereas, the population was continuously rising. Please go through the detailed news covered by Hindustan Times. Thanks. B S Vohra 

Comments awaited on our RTI on DJB : Hindustan Times

Come - Make in India !

इसलिए मैं आज लाल किले की प्राचीर से विश्व भर में लोगों से कहना चाहता हूँकम,मेक इन इंडिया, आइएहिन्दुस्तान में निर्माण कीजिए।  दुनिया के किसी भी देश में जाकर बेचिएलेकिन निर्माण यहाँकीजिएमैन्युफैक्चर यहाँ कीजिए।  हमारे पास स्किल हैटेलेंट हैडिसिप्लिन हैकुछ कर गुज़रने का इरादा है। हम विश्व कोएक सानुकूल अवसर देना चाहते हैं कि आइए
"कममेक इन इंडियाऔर हम विश्व को कहेंइलेक्ट्रिकल से ले करकेइलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स तक "कममेक इन इंडिया", केमिकल्स से ले करके फार्मास्युटिकल्स तक "कममेक इन इंडिया",ऑटोमोबाइल्स से ले करके एग्रो वैल्यू एडीशन तक "कममेक इन इंडिया", पेपर हो या प्लास्टिक "कममेक इन इंडिया",सैटेलाइट हो या सबमेरीन "कममेक इन इंडिया"  ताकत है हमारे देश में!  आइएमैं निमंत्रण देता हूं।

प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy Independence Day !

How Do I Know Someone has Ebola ?

Dear Friends,

There is currently an Ebola outbreak putting all of us at risk. Pls help
educate all around u by sending this msg to all your contacts..

What is EBOLA?

It's a virus that attacks a person blood system:

Ebola is what scientists call a hemorrhagic fever - it operates by making
its victims bleed from almost
anywhere on their body.
Usually victims bleed to

Ebola is highly contagious;
Being transmitted via
contact with body fluids
such as blood, sweat, saliva,
semen or other body discharges.

Ebola is however NOT AN AIRBORNE VIRUS!

About 90% of people that
catch Ebola will die from it.
It's one of the deadliest
diseases in the world,
killing in just a few weeks.

Untreatable(no cure):
Ebola has no known treatment or cure.
Victims are usually treated for symptoms with the faint hope that they

How Do I Know Someone has Ebola?

•Joint & Muscle pains
•Stomach Pain
•Lack of Appetite

Protect Yourself:
•Wash Your Hands
with Soap
Do this a lot. You can
also use a good hand
sanitize r. Avoid
unnecessary physical contact with people.

■Restrict yourself to food you prepared yourself.

■Disinfect Your Surroundings
The virus cannot
survive disinfectants,heat, direct sunlight,detergents and soaps.

Clean up!:
•Fumigate If you have Pests.
•Rodents can be carriers of Ebola.
•Fumigate your environment & dispose off the carcasses properly!
•Dead bodies CAN still
transmit Ebola.
•Don't touch them without
protective gear or better yet avoid them altogether.

Protect Yourself:
•Use protective gear if you
must care or go near
someone you suspect has

•Report any suspicious
symptoms in yourself or
anyone else IMMEDIATELY.

Do not delay!

Educate Everyone:
•Tell your neighbours,
colleagues and domestic
staff (anyone really). Basically you're safer when
everyone is educated.

Vinay Kapoor

Request from : LIG DDA Flats Molarband, New Delhi -110076

We want below facility as we have passed 2 year .
1-lights from Main road to DDA Flats .
2-Clening also in that way to come DDA Flats .
3-Park here not completed by DDA till now .
4-IGL Gas pipe line facility to all resident 
5- Ganga water facility .

Please help us to provide above facility as we are living here since 2 year and these are baisc needs . Let us know if there any formility which need to follow .

Thanks & Regards,
Rajendra Singh
RWA Member 
690 LIG DDA Flats Molarband ,
New Delhi -110076

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cleanliness drive cosmetic, Delhi a mess

NEW DELHI: Will the city be free from garbage and dirt by August 15? A week-long sanitation and cleanliness drive was launched with much fanfare by the administration a few days back, but a reality check reveals that it has remained sporadic. While the civic agencies are making tall claims publicly, the enormity of the task rules out making any significant difference by the end of the exercise.

TOI took a round of the city. Overflowing garbage dumps and waste and debris along the roads were a common sight though the corporations claim to be removing 30% more of garbage daily as part of the drive.

Hardly 500m away from the north and south corporations' headquarters, Civic Centre, on Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, at Turkman Gate, one found a huge garbage dump with the waste spilling on to the road. "It is a shame that the corporation has failed to clean the area visible from its own office. In the past one month, hardly anyone has been seen cleaning the area," said Ramesh Babbar, a local trader.

Across the city, on CV Raman Road, outside New Friends Colony, there is a huge garbage pile. The residents have complained to the corporation several times since during peak traffic hours, this stretch becomes a bottleneck. "Never are the bins placed on the road clean. From the dhalao, garbage spills on to the road," complained Madhu Arora, a resident living just across the road.

Similarly, in Lajpat Nagar-I's B-block, just outside a government school, garbage has remained dumped for days. Several complaints have been made but to no avail. "From the school principal to parents, everyone has complained about the heap of garbage outside the school. It is very difficult for the girls to pass through this stretch. The stench is overpowering, especially during monsoon, and diseases are rampant in the area. The lane is narrow and the parked cars and garbage ensure that it remains blocked," said area councillor Abhishek Dutt.

Across the river, near Laxmi Nagar's V3S mall, the story is no different. There is a dhalao virtually in the middle of the road and the garbage spills out, making the space even narrower. With massive gridlocks during peak traffic hours, it is a nightmare for commuters. "With shops and a mall nearby, there are cars parked on the road, and the dhalao only adds to the chaos. It's a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and for pedestrians, it's a nightmare. But the corporation isn't doing anything despite several complaints," said BS Vohra of East Delhi RWA's Federation.

But corporation officials are patting themselves on the back. A rally of school children was organized by North Delhi Municipal Corporation for City Zone on Tuesday to create awareness about sanitation, health and hygiene. "From every zone we are removing around 150 metric tonnes more than usual. On an average, Delhi produces 7000 metric tonne of waste everyday, but for the past one week, we are removing more than 9000 metric tonnes," said Mukesh Yadav, south corporation's spokesperson.

with thanks : Times of India : LINK

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Vans to sell veggies at cheaper rates : HT

RWAs - Please mail us for forwarding to the concerned dept., if you require vans in your locality. 
Our E mail ID :